28 de junho de 2021

Roupa Feminina - Ninacloak

   Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Today I bring more store tips...

The women's clothing online wardrobe is a universe apart in the fashion world, there are pieces and more pieces of clothing for all styles and tastes.

Basic women's blouses are wild pieces in the closet: they usually serve as a base for productions and can be incorporated into any style. The ideal is to have several options of the same model in different colors. Neutral tones are more versatile, invest in black, white, gray, navy blue, beige and brown, but nothing prevents having at least one copy with seasonal colors, as happens with neon nowadays.

From the basic to the fashionista, the basic women's blouses are always present in the looks of the day, serving as a base, and often creating contrasts with more avant-garde pieces, helping to result in a harmonious production.

At some point the t-shirt will come in handy for the look of the day. It is one of the basic women's blouses that practically every woman has in her wardrobe.

If there's one piece that appeals from the basic to the fashionista, it's the women's summer tops, of course each style prefers a modeling, fit and fabric, but in general, it's universal and makes any look look more tidy.

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